Ruffedge is a Malaysian Hip-Hop and R&B Soul vocal group that was founded back in 1997. Their success came two years later in 1999, when they took part and won the ‘Sony Battery Face On Talent Search’ competition. 

The group consisted of Farish bin Ramli (Cat Farish), Mohd Kamaruzaman Zain bin Abdul Hamid (Zain Hamid), Azan Addin bin Abdul Wahab (Azan Addin), Amer Munawer bin Yusoff (Amer), Syed Hussein bin Syed Mustafa (Sein) and Syed Mohammad bin Syed Abdullah (Mode).

Among their popular hit singles are ‘Tipah Tertipu’, ‘Da Bomb’ and ‘Bila Rindu’ that became a sensation in the early 2000s. Ruffedge also did a collaboration with V.E. on the song ‘Khayalan’, a popular song by Black Dog Bone.

After years of hiatus, Ruffedge made a comeback in conjunction of their 20th anniversary in the music industry with a special concert called ‘Ruffedge: 20th Anniversary’ and a new single, ‘Seperti Mereka’ – a wedding love song in 2018.

  1. Seperti Mereka
    Seperti Mereka