Layla Sania


Relatively new in the local professional music scene, Layla Sania has been exposed to the arts since a very young age. Born into an artistically-inclined family, Layla’s father is a songwriter and visual artist, while her mother is an ardent music-lover who also loves to sing. 

Though Layla has had minor roles in some TV dramas since very young, her encounter with stardom has been magnified after signing her record deal and recently appearing on a local reality show called ‘I Can See Your Voice’, a show franchised from a South Korean TV programme of a similar name. On the show, Layla stole the attention of the judges when she effortlessly performed a popular Mandarin number originally sang by Tiger Huang. This rendition not only increased her popularity but also gained her a new set of fans. 

Having the ability to speak and sing in fluent Mandarin, gives Layla the upper hand of being among the very few Malays who can capture a different set of audience and followers. Layla has been invited to perform with some singers from China at a big concert in Kuala Lumpur organized by the Malaysian and Chinese government and is also set to appear in her fist role as the main cast of an up-coming local Mandarin film called ‘Small Time Heroes’. This is definitely a great beginning for this talented young star. 

  1. Layla Sania 蕾拉 《巴比诺 Bambino feat. Bunga》
    Layla Sania 蕾拉 《巴比诺 Bambino feat. Bunga》

    Layla Sania, Bunga

  2. Layla Sania 蕾拉 《左手陪右手 By Your Side》
    Layla Sania 蕾拉 《左手陪右手 By Your Side》

    Layla Sania

  3. Lakaran

    Layla Sania

  4. Que Sera Sera
    Que Sera Sera

    Layla Sania


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