Layla Sania


Layla Sania grew up with a musician father and this influenced her passion in singing at a very young age. This 18-year-old student from Chong Hwa Secondary School Kuala Lumpur is considered as ‘a young girl with a jaded soul’ among her peers and cited Amy Winehouse, Ariana Grande and Zee Avi as her musical influences.

Layla released her debut single, ‘Que Sera Sera’ – a Jazz and Blues inspired tune that was self composed along with her father and produced by AG Coco in July 2019.

Layla who speaks and sings fluently in Malay, Mandarin and English just recently released her second single called 'Lakaran'. She also stole the attention of Malaysians when she appeared on the third season of I can See Your Voice a month ago, singing a song by Tiger Huang.  

  1. Lakaran

    Layla Sania

  2. Que Sera Sera
    Que Sera Sera

    Layla Sania


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