Amirul Husyairi or fondly known as Kucaimars started his singing career since secondary school when he was a part of a boy band called ‘Q4’. 

This Negeri Sembilan-born lad went viral on Instagram when his cover of Sufian Suhaimi song, ‘Di Matamu’ received massive views. He gained lots of traction in the social media scene and grew huge followings within the following months. 

Kucai later entered HurrTV’s Muzik Jam, an online singing competition with some of the Malaysia’s hottest upcoming acts and won the competition after receiving the highest votes for his performance.

This led to his nomination on Era’s Digital Music Award in the ‘Penyanyi Paling Lit Di Media Sosial’ category before the release of his debut single, ‘Jawab’, composed by Hang Nadim and Laq in Januari 2019.

Kucaimars recently released his new single called ‘Khayalan’, which was composed by Romeo and Ezra Kong.

  1. Khayalan


  2. Jawab



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