Noor Ayu Fatini or fondly known as Bunga, first caught the global attention when she was featured in an article by The New York Times and in a video from Bloomberg.

The 19 year old rapper is known for her own trademark of being the only local female rapper to donning a hijab and baju kurung during her live performances.

In late 2018, Bunga became known in the rap scene when she posted an Instagram video of herself raps to a 16 bars rap that she wrote herself and participated in ‘You Try Rap Please’ – a rap battle event audition and was selected to perform a rap battle live for the first time.

She continued to showcase her rap skill through ‘Hear Me Out’, a platform that is devoted to Malaysian Independent Hip-Hop scene and performed on the second season of ’16 Baris’, which gained over million of views online.

Bunga released her first single, titled ‘Bunga’ that she co-wrote with Lady D and is currently working on her follow-up single.

  1. 300 Saat
    300 Saat


  2. Dup Dup (feat Bunga)
    Dup Dup (feat Bunga)

    Aizat Amdan, Bunga

  3. Bunga



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