Qarma Music

Qarma Musiq was founded in 2008 as a way for Malique to gain control of his publishing rights for his first solo album. Freshly released from EMI Music, Malique began work on what was to become the multi award-winning double disc album ‘OK’. The company expanded over the years, working with countless talented and hungry individuals, artistes, lyricists, co-producers and other labels who have each contributed to the growth of Qarma Musiq in their own way. Qarma’s unwritten code of conduct is music first, eliminating the frills and grandeur that supposedly come with running a music label. As such, the company’s purpose is clear - to manage a very minimal number of artistes, and to produce carefully crafted highly artistic works of music. Qarma’s priorities are to maintain its high standards of ethics, fair-play and respect for the musician and their music; proving that quality music and business success can indeed go hand in hand without having to sacrifice one or the other.