Kaka Azraff


Kaka Azraff is a singer, actress, and host. She is among the very few pop urban acts in Malaysia that has cut through & is well known among the mass Malay audience.

She got her break in her singing career when she collaborated with Zizan Razak for the song "Bawaku Pergi' in 2012. The song was well received by public and became a hit. Her next single 'Bukan Hal Aku' was nominated in the top 12 finalist at the Anugerah Juara Lagu in 2015.

In 2016, Kaka kicked off her acting career in a thriller film called "Interchange' which was shown at cinemas in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei.

Currently, Kaka is working on her new single & upcoming album.

  1. Diamonds

    Kaka Azraff

  2. Terpulanglah

    Kaka Azraff

  3. Ada JalanNya
    Ada JalanNya

    Awi Rafael, Kaka Azraff

  4. Bukan Hal Aku (feat. Sleeq)
    Bukan Hal Aku (feat. Sleeq)

    Kaka Azraff, Sleeq

  5. Getaway

    Maya Karin, Kaka Azraff

  6. Kembali

    Kaka Azraff

  7. Levitasi

    Kaka Azraff, Zizi Kirana, Fynn Jamal

  8. Shout It Out (From
    Shout It Out (From "Gol & Gincu Vol. 2")

    Kaka Azraff

  9. Sibuk (feat. Alif)
    Sibuk (feat. Alif)

    Kaka Azraff

  10. Terima Kasih
    Terima Kasih

    Kaka Azraff

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