Noor Ayu Fatini or better known as Bunga is a 19 year old girl who has her own trade-mark - the only local female rapper wearing tudung and baju kurung during live perfor-mances. She started to be involved in the rap scene in late 2018 when she posted her 16 bars rap video on Instagram that she wrote herself.

In November 2018, Bunga joined 'You Try Rap Please', a rap battle event audition and got selected to perform a rap battle live for the first time.

From there, Bunga joined 'Hear Me Out' - a platform that is devoted to Malaysian Independent HipHop scene where she got the chance to exhibit her rap skill through live performances.

She became a bigger hit when she perform on the second season of 16 Baris which gain over a Million views in just 3 days and was the talk of the town.

  1. Bunga


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